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How to select the perfect dining chair

The dining room is often considered the heart of the home. It’s where we eat, have fun, gather with friends, and share our meals. It is important to choose the right set of dining chairs in order to create a welcoming space for friends and family. At Wicker Warehouse you will get the best selection of Rattan Dining Chairs to fit your office, home, or outdoor space.

The perfect means more than just comfort. It also refers to dining chairs that are stylish and elegant. This can all be confusing, so we have put together this comprehensive guide to choosing and purchasing the right dining chairs for you.

Take measurements of your dining space and table.

Start by measuring the dimensions of the table and the room. This will help you determine how many chairs are needed and how much space you have. Square tables are more comfortable for 4 people, while rectangular and rectangular tables (or even extended) can hold more. This is also a good size for round tables. However, the lack of corners means that you can fit more people.

Measure everything. This includes the height of your table, the table’s top, and any skirting, apron, or table. Do not rely on websites or labels for the height of your table. It is better to get out the measuring tape to be wicker sure.

Make sure you have enough space between the table and chairs

These numbers are now your guide. Here are some simple principles:

A chair measures approximately 18 to 20 inches in width. However, this can vary if it has arms.

Take 6 inches apart between the chairs when determining how many chairs will fit around a table.

You should also leave 36 inches between your chair and the wall, or any other furniture in your dining room. This will allow people to easily move their chairs back.

You can choose between a set of 4, 6, or 8 chairs, but not more. Consider how many chairs are actually needed in your daily life and prioritize that number over large parties or entertaining guests.

Choose the right style and material for your dining chair

There are several questions you can ask when it comes to choosing the style and aesthetic of your dining room chairs.

  • Are you more comfortable with something simple or more complex?
  • What size is your bedroom?
  • How do you want your overall look and feel?

Dining chair style and function can be combined

For a light, airy space that is more open and airy, you might consider simple wooden chairs with clear lines and open backs. This would also be a great choice for smaller rooms.

Upholstered chairs can be more comfortable to be in for extended periods of time if you use your dining area for socialising or work.

Material for dining chairs: Leather, chrome or fabric?

Fabric chairs are cosy and allow you to experiment with texture and pattern, but staining and cleaning can be a problem.

Leather chairs are timeless classics that are durable and easy to maintain.

Metal or chrome chairs: Modern and lightweight.

Dining chairs with arms or without

For those tables with more space, armchairs or dining chairs used in the dining area are a great choice. If space is tight, consider the comfort of the back and seat instead of choosing chairs with arms.

Matching dining chairs

This brings us to the next point: don’t be afraid mix and match to create a more eclectic look. Your table will be an anchor for your space, so work from there.

A pair of matching side chairs can be a great way to achieve this look. You can mix and match chairs to create a cozy, homey feel. Finding a theme is key, regardless of whether it’s in color, chair height or prints.

Mixing materials and textures can be a great way to create a fun space that offers guests different seating options.

Look out for interesting dining chair features

You can make your dining room chairs stand out by a few features. For example, look for interesting details and legs that are sculptural or carved. Chairs with contrasting finishes such as black leather and sleek copper legs are also a good idea.

When it comes to upholstered chair, button details and tufting add classic appeal. While patterns add a fashionable pop to the dining area, especially if you have an old, solid table that you want to update or style up.

You can make a room feel completely different by using organic materials such as wicker or rattan. This will depend on the style of the rest. These chairs are also great for outdoor use.

Comfort and quality are important.

Do a quality inspection, which is perhaps the most important.

Chairs to buy in person

Sit down in the chair you are purchasing and adjust your weight. You can also gently push the chair with your hands to inspect its structure. There shouldn’t be any movement or giving way in your legs, arms, or back.

Online shopping for dining chairs

You may not have the ability to physically inspect the chairs if you buy online. Reviews are a great way to get feedback. Read through all reviews and pay attention to any potential problems or pitfalls. These reviews can give you a better understanding of the product and its functions.

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