Pallet sources that are free and low-cost

Are you looking for free pallets to begin a home improvement project? You can get scrap pallets in small quantities or full truckload retrieval.

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To Get Free Pallets, “Think Small”.

You can find scrap pallets in many places that pallets are being emptied or disposed of. A good rule of thumb is “think small” if you’re looking for pallets in a limited supply on a regular basis.

Pallet recycling companies and pallet collectors who work on behalf of these companies are more likely to seek larger quantities of pallets. Often, they are being bought. Larger businesses that produce pallets in large quantities are less likely than smaller ones to be able to work with collectors who only require a handful of pallets. Consider these “think small” options: and other print or online ads offer free pallet removal

Schools may have small amounts of pallets left over from the shipping of books, copy paper and other supplies. These pallets can be collected at the school district’s works yard or stacked behind the school.

Pallets can be produced by small businesses or gas stations. You should focus on those that produce the kind of pallets you need. Look out for pallets that are part of a reusable palette program, such as those used to transport soft drinks or dairy products. Other pallets, such as those used to ship seasonal products like salt or fire logs, are more likely to qualify as a one-way shipment, and so they will be better choices.

There can be a lot of empty pallets in fresh produce markets. Although fresh produce markets might have agreements with suppliers regarding returning them, it is worth asking about availability of pallets.

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Pallet Recycling companies often sell pallets or wood material to pallet craftspeople at very modest rates, especially if they are not in the most popular sizes. To find out if they are interested, call your local recyclers.

Which is the best place to get free pallets?

As stated above, it is more common to receive pallets free of charge from a small location that produces pallets in small quantities or if the pallet sizes you choose are not suitable for resale. Single-use pallets are more common than non-standard pallets. Pallets that are single-use, or expendable, will likely be made of brighter wood than the weathered pallets. Single-use pallets can be made from lower quality lumber so there are some trade-offs. Pallets of low quality may have fewer nails or shorter nails that can be easily removed by removing the pallet from its frame.

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  • You must first get permission and then check the markings
  • Pallets that are stored outside of a small business should not be taken without permission.

The pallet collector should also consider the possibility of using pallet markings. The pallet should have a stamp identifying the owner, such as CHEP or PECO, Coca-Cola, U.S. These pallets shouldn’t be removed by the Postal Service and other postal services. These companies will vigorously enforce their property rights and you could be charged with illegal possession.

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How to Handle and Gather Pallets

Pallet street vendors can use pickup trucks or flatbed trucks to pick up small quantities of pallets. Sometimes utility trailers are also available. Tie-down straps and cargo nets are useful additions. Pallet handling safety should be practiced. Protect your hands from scrapes by using gloves. Proper lifting techniques should be used, such as keeping the pallet straight and close to the spine. Pallets can weigh up to 60 pounds. Proper lifting techniques should be used. If possible, you may need the assistance of others or equipment like forklifts. Pallet moving can be made easier by a pallet jack, either manual or power.