Turn Your Knowledge Into a Consulting Business

Organization/Efficiency Consultant

Inefficient time use is a waste of money if time is money. Many businesses employ consultants to evaluate the operation of their business in order to identify ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

They consider the availability of resources and how they are used, the structure of the business, and how to maximize the experience and skills of those involved.

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An organizational consultant’s average base salary is $88,763

Consulting in Other Styles

Because it is the most lucrative and offers the highest pay, the options in the preceding sections are focused on business consulting. There are many types of consulting. Many people hire consultants to assist them in their daily lives. Here are some other types you might consider:

  • Green Living Consulting
  • Health and Wellness Consulting
  • Retirement Planning and Personal Finance Consulting

Personal Organization and Efficiency (instead looking for a business, you help individuals become organized, efficient, and productive).

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Consulting in business finance/accounting

  • Image Consulting
  • Stress Management Consulting
  • How to design your own consulting career

Are you still not an expert in something that you could turn into a consulting business?

There are many types of consulting practices. Chances are someone needs your expertise or passion which could lead to a consulting company.

List all the things you are skilled at. Do you have experience as a social worker who can help with parenting or marriage? You might consider starting a parenting consulting or relationship business.

You can buy groceries for as little as a few dollars. Start a couponing or frugal living consulting business.

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Once you have a clear understanding of your expertise and the ways you can help others, market research will be necessary to find out if anyone is willing to pay for your services.

There are many ways to turn your expertise into profit, beyond consulting. These include coaching, blogging and information products like ebooks, articles, videos published, speaking, and other options.