How to Offer a Business Opportunity

How to Offer a Business Opportunity

Now you’re looking to expand your business. There are many options available to you, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. You have the option of:

The Documentation

Most successful businesses take the time to outline all operational aspects and procedures that are necessary for starting and running a business. A few manuals are created to explain the basics of the business. This is usually done based on the owner’s experiences. These manuals should cover the following areas:


This manual covers all aspects of setting up a business. This section will include information about identifying the supplies, furniture, fixtures, and other materials required for the business, as well as the source of such items. The manual would include information about how to locate the best site for your business and how to arrange equipment, signage, furniture, and fixtures. It would also include information on how to set up an employer (government requirements and insurance), as well as details about how to hire the right employees.


This section covers every aspect of running a business. This section covers customer relations, order taking and order processing. It also handles cash or funds. Hours of operation, employee management, payroll, and other key aspects. In a section called “Lessons learned the hard way”, the operations manual will often highlight risks and mistakes that should be avoided while operating the business.


This covers all aspects of building a customer base. A sufficient number of customers is the most important thing for any business to succeed. This document would include all the tested and proven methods that have been successful in attracting and retaining customers.

Training and fees

The seller of a business opportunity often provides a training program that is conducted at the business’s current location. For a week or so, the buyer will be able to experience a real operating unit.

The typical fee you charge for the business opportunity is a one-time payment. After the training ends, the buyer will be free to buy the opportunity on their own. A contract to sell such an opportunity is typically very simple. It consists of two main elements: the price that a person must pay and a confidentiality agreement which requires the investor to not share the business plan information.

Step-by-Step Process

It is easy to set up a business opportunity. Here are the main steps.

While you will need to spend some time in creating the business plan for your company, this information is all you have learned from personal experience. You can also hire someone to help you write the documentation if you are not a good writer or communicator. There are many templates that you can buy online or in books. These templates will help you to prepare your business plan and manuals. These templates are often inexpensive and include boilerplate language you can customize to suit your business idea.

You should consult an attorney who is familiar with the business opportunity statutes before you try to sell your business plans. Your attorney will need to discuss four main areas. You must ensure that the structure for your business opportunity is not a franchise according to the federal and state laws. Your attorney will help you prepare the contracts necessary to sell the business opportunity. Your attorney will review the promotional materials that you plan to use to sell the opportunity. He or she should also explain the limitations of what you can say and cannot do during the sale process to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations. Your attorney will review your business plan materials in order to ensure that you are delivering what you promise during the sales process. This sounds a lot more complex than it is. Although it shouldn’t cost a lot, this is an important step in reducing risk as you start your business as a business opportunity.

In order to sell the business plan to potential buyers, you will need to determine how you are going to market it. It is a good idea to look at other business opportunities that have successfully promoted the sale of their plans. Analyze internet-based and print media advertising and PR efforts, tradeshows, and other events promotions. Also, look at any other effective methods being used. It’s a good idea to establish mentorship relationships with others who have successfully used this route before you.

What businesses should offer business opportunities?

Two common traits are the hallmarks of business opportunities that work well for certain types of businesses. They don’t need a common brand to communicate quality and value to customers. They are simple enough to learn, so even someone with no prior experience can learn everything they need in a short time span (say, two weeks).

A majority of the business opportunities that sell a lot of business plans are also very affordable in terms total investment. This includes working capital, as well as a grand opening advertising budget. Most are less than $150,000 and most are below $50,000.

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