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What are the Key Advantages and Drawbacks of Digital Business Cards?

Paper Business Cards


Grab Your Attention Fast

The impression of Digital Business Cards made from paper can be instantly made by clients who touch them. Because of its thick paper, the card can instantly make an impression. Perfect business cards are made of thick, quality paper. This speaks well about the company’s products and services.

You must grab the client’s interest quickly. You need creative graphic design ideas to make a memorable business card.

It is easy to share

Paper cards can be easily shared with people. Simply hand out the cards to your valued clients. You can also distribute them randomly during a seminar, trade fair, or at other events.

Establish Personal Connection

The paper cards can help you establish a strong personal relationship and connection with others. The cards are shared in happy, warm moments. Clients receive more value from these cards. This is a great way to create a loyal customer base.


Many small businesses can afford paper-based business cards. Printing costs can be financed by startups as well as small and medium businesses. Many startups find this a significant advantage. It takes only a few minutes to search Google for the phrase “business card near you” and they’ll find plenty of options to design a card that fits their budget.


Need Professionals To Design Cards

Small businesses may not be able to afford a professional graphic artist. A designer with years of experience is the best to create cards that leave a lasting impression. A designer’s average cost is often beyond the budget of smaller companies.

Require Frequent Redesigning

Most companies make changes to their contact details, including web address, phone number, email address, and fax number. The card should be redesigned. This results in a reprint of the cards.

You Can Take Up A Lot of Space

As clients receive them more often, their paper business cards quickly become a large pile. They take up space in the office. Sometimes the sheer number of cards can be overwhelming.

Do You Need A Scanner?

To send contact information to someone, you must input the information into a CRM. You will need a business card scanner.

In a Few Days, Discarded

Many business cards are thrown away in the dustbin within a few days. Numerous studies have shown that 88% are thrown away in less than one week.

Not Environment-Friendly

To make paper, trees must be chopped in large quantities. This means that we are responsible for the environmental damage caused by paper business cards.

Digital business cards


Easy to Share

Digital business cards can be easily shared with clients and other people. Send the card to your client via email, social networks, text [SMS], or other means. You don’t have to shake hands with clients before sharing your card. Digital business cards are as easy to use as virtual phone numbers. You can access them quickly from anywhere and you can call them anytime.

Stand Out

Digital business cards are not for everyone. However, they can be used to impress clients and stand out. Although others still prefer traditional paper cards, digital cards can make your business stand out from the rest. Your business cards should stand out among your competitors.

Attach Media

A significant advantage of digital cards is the ability to attach various media. Businesses can include videos, link to surveys, sign up forms and subscription lists. This is a great way to promote your business in many different ways. This allows you to promote your company by sharing videos, etc.

Clients who receive the cards have a positive impression about your business because of the variety of media they are given. It increases engagement. To incorporate media, you don’t need to hire graphic design professionals.

Save the Information Conveniently

One of the greatest advantages of digital business cards, is their ability to store as much information as needed in one place. Digital business cards are much more space-efficient than traditional paper cards. You can also access them online. You can include URLs, web addresses, social media accounts and fax numbers on the card.

It is easy to update

One problem with the paper cards was that they are difficult to update. You have to reprint the cards every time. Small businesses found them too expensive. This is not an issue with digital counterparts.

Digital business cards allow you to update your information automatically. You don’t have to reprint the cards, nor do you need to design new ones.

Excellent for contact management

You also have the advantage of digital business card management. Some apps include an optical character reader [OCR] that scans business cards.

The scanner can convert contact details into digital text using a special business-card scanner. The app saves or syncs your data with your CRM program.

Simple To Customize

The customization of paper cards can be a challenging task because you will need to include new elements such as colors or other details. After that, the card needs to be printed once more.

A business card maker software allows you to quickly customize digital business cards to reflect your brand. The new card is as easy as choosing the colors and typeface you want, and you are done. It is unnecessary to spend time designing and printing.


Digital cards are much more affordable than traditional paper cards, which require you spend a lot on printing and designing. For many small businesses, printing cards on paper can be very costly. The digital cards are available for free because there is no printing. Only the design of the card will cost money.


Digital business cards can be used anywhere, without the need to cut trees for paper. This allows for safe and healthy breathing of pure oxygen. It prevents deforestation.


Not Available to All

The main disadvantage of digital business cards is the fact that not all people are able to use them. They are not used to receiving digital business cards.

Others are not familiar with how to obtain cards, their contact information, or how to save them. While you receive free business cards, your clients may not be receiving them.

Personal Touch is missing

You can share the cards online, but the personal touch that was present in paper cards is gone. When you share the cards online, it is impossible to give a handshake, talk, or welcome gesture to a client while presenting a card.

Risky App

Bugs in a digital card application can lead to issues when you share it with clients and other people. Take care. You should only choose a business app that comes from a well-respected company.

A difficult task

It can be tedious for some to download and install an app, as well as create an account for digital business card. This is a far more efficient way to hand out paper business cards to clients than this.

Email not opened

What if your client does not respond to an email with your digital card? The chances are high that the email has been buried in the client’s inbox and is not read.

Images Blocked

This could be because the client has either blocked images from an email in order to save data or because he/she activated a spam blockage mechanism. It will prevent your card from being charged.

Internet Access is Essential

Access to the Internet is essential for both you and your client in order to share your digital card. If the client does not have access to the Internet, the card will be useless.

Both digital and paper-based business card are both great for brand exposure and impressions. Each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Regardless of whether you choose to design digital or paper business cards for impact, it is important that you do so professionally. Designhill, a market leader in design outsourcing, can help you with your design needs.

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