7 Teen Business Ideas

It is important to note that just because a teenager owns a business doesn’t mean they are exempt from the rules, including taxes. Teen owners of a business need to follow the same steps as adult owners to set up and pay taxes.

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  • Etsy for Artistic Teens

Etsy is a great place for teens who are creative to make money with their creations. There are many ways to make money with crafts, including jewelry, paper-goods and housewares. You can also sell swag, paper-goods or candles. Esty charges a small listing fee and a payment processing fee. However, Esty offers a full storefront with a shopping cart, payment collection, and a shopping cart.

Teens need to find low-cost materials to earn a profit and price their products so that they can cover their expenses and time.

  • eBay allows you to sell unwanted and used stuff

A promise of money on items that they can sell online is one of the best ways to get teens to clean up their rooms. Many teens love brand name items so they have a lot of inventory that they can sell online. After they have sold all their unwanted items, they can clear out the house by selling any other items they don’t use.

The teen can also clean the house by identifying items that are popular and searching for low-cost stock. If designer t-shirts are selling well, the teenager can go to thrift and consignment shops for used tees that they can sell on eBay.

  • Social Media Assistant

Social media assistant is the one job teens love. Although businesses know that social media is essential for reaching their target market, they often feel overwhelmed and confused by the process. Teens who are active on social media may be able to help. They can be focused on one platform such as helping businesses on Instagram promote, or they could manage conversations across multiple networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

When posting for a business, it is important that the teen be polite and professional. A social media assistant who posts inappropriate content has caused damage to more than one company.

  • Tutor

Students often need extra support in school. Teens who are older than their peers can be a great resource. Children are more inclined to listen to others their age and teens are more familiar with the material. Tutoring is a win-win situation for both of them.

Teens can also teach skills beyond academic tutoring. This includes computer use, music, and SAT/ACT testing. Every skill a teen can master can be passed on to another.

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  • Jack/Jill Of All Trades, or Assistant

Many families wish to have someone to assist them with daily tasks. Teens can be a great resource for this type of work. This includes folding laundry, weeding the yard, painting a space, and organizing.

Teens can also be employed in a home office, where they can do research, file, organize, and even provide support.

  • Babysitter/Child Care

Many teens choose babysitting as their first job. Because it is flexible and something that many parents require, it is ideal. Teens can offer care during summer to parents who are working, even if they’re not in school.

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Teens with good driving records are able to do more than just entertain their children. They can take the kids to summer camp, outdoor activities and the park, as well as other places. If they arrange enriching activities such as arts or crafts, they can command a higher income. Teens can also offer childcare in their own homes.

  • House/Pet Sitter

Teens can start their own home business by taking care of pets and houses. They are flexible and highly sought-after, especially during summer and holidays when people travel. You can either stay at your house, or just stop by once or twice per day to care for it. House sitters usually check the mail, bring in paper, water plants and take care of pets.

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Pet sitters are allowed to stay at the house, or visit the animals a few times per day. Pet sitters must be able to feed the animals and walk the dogs.