Pinterest for Business: Everything you Need to Know

This article will cover everything you need about Pinterest and how it can help your business.

  • Pinterest is a visual social networking platform that allows users to create and share pins, boards and shop.
  • Pinterest can help you reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness.
  • You can either create a new business account or convert an existing account to one.
  • This article is intended for small business owners and marketers who wish to learn more about Pinterest.

Pinterest basics

Pinterest users can share and save content to virtual boards called collections. 81% of 175 million U.S. Pinterest users are women. About 2 million members of Pinterest save content to a shopping boards on a daily basis.

Pinterest is a great place to find almost anything – its categories include everything technology and art – but it’s also known for being a hub of information about craft projects, home decor, fashion, health, and other related topics.

Pinterest terminology

Pins: All content on Pinterest is a “pin” – that’s all the ideas and inspiration you see. Clicking on a pin will take you to a website.

Pincodes: Pincodes can be thought of as QR codes. These are special codes that you can use to unlock your business’s Pinterest profile and curated boards. To be taken to your suggested boards, users can simply enter the code.

Pinners: These are the users that Pinterest refers to as pinners.

Boards: These boards can be thought of as visual bookmarks or digital bulletin board. They are a way to organize your pins.

Group boards: A group board can be a board that is owned by one person. The board’s owners can invite other members to join the board. A group board owner can invite you to join, but only you can request to do so.

Archive boards: If you don’t use a particular board, but are not interested in deleting it, you can archive it. You won’t see suggestions from boards that you have archived. After the big day, you can choose to stop seeing wedding dresses.

Feed: This is similar to a Twitter or Facebook feed. It’s a collection of pins from people that you follow or Pinterest believes you would be interested in.

Hashtags for Pinterest: Similar to Instagram’s hashtags, hashtags work on Pinterest just like Instagram’s. They make it easy for others to find your pins or other relevant content.

Why should you use Pinterest for your business?

Pinterest can be a great tool for your business. These are just a few:

Large user base

Pinterest is the fourth most used social media platform in America, with more than 235 million international users monthly. This can help you open up your business to millions of potential customers.

Visual platform

Pinterest is a great way to showcase your business visually. Pinterest is also the only social media platform to support visual search. It’s a great place to showcase your business visually.

Commercial activity

Pinterest is a popular tool for consumers to decide if they are ready to buy. According to the 2019 Pinterest Seasonal Insights Report, 83% of Pinterest users reported that they have purchased a product based on what they saw on Pinterest.

Brand exposure

Pinterest can increase your exposure to potential customers. A majority of users report that Pinterest is a great way to discover new brands or products every week.

How to use Pinterest to promote your business

1. Pins that are creative, inspiring, and actionable

Pinterest is a site for sharing images and inspiring ideas. You must create and share engaging pins if you want to be successful on Pinterest. Pinterest says that the most successful pins grab people’s attention and inspire them to read more. Pins that are vertically oriented show how to use the product or service.

2. Take a look at the top topics and keywords.

You can use Pinterest trends to help you choose what content to pin and what product your next product should look like. If you notice that DIY projects are popular, it would be a good idea to search for and share DIY content related to your business. This will make your business more visible on Pinterest.

Camilla Hallstrom, a content marketing consultant, suggests that you use trending keywords in order to decide what kind of content to create.

She said, “Find keywords that are relevant by entering a keyword into the search bar and looking at the keyword suggestions right below the search box.” Then include these keywords in your titles or descriptions.

Pinterest’s Pinsights for Business provides insight that could influence what you pin.