How to start a podcast for fun and profit

Podcasting can be a great way to market your business, reach out to influencers and showcase your expertise. You can also start your own podcast.

Many people who want to start a podcast are overwhelmed by the technical knowledge and logistics involved. Although there are many things to do and plan for when you start a podcast it is not difficult if it is done step by step.

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What’s the goal of your podcast?

Many home-based business owners use podcasts to supplement their existing businesses. Others consider the podcast their home business. You may also want to start an online radio station as a hobby. You can do all of these things, but the end goal is what will guide you in making certain decisions.

Which topic will you cover?

As with all other business ideas, it is important to narrow your niche enough to make your show stand out without being too restricted to sustain a long-term show. If you are looking to start a podcast about health and wellness, choose a sub-topic, or market like clean eating, or diets for moms in middle age.

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Who are you podcasting for?

Here is where you need to focus your efforts on the right market. You’ll be able to save time and money by focusing on the market that is most interested in what you have to offer.

  • Name your podcast

It is one of the most difficult tasks. Take your time and choose the right name. It’s similar in many ways to naming your business. You want a name that is memorable and reflects the nature of your show. Podcasting alongside your home business is a great way to keep your brand strong. You should include your business name on the show.

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  • Choose the length, frequency, and format of your show

Podcast experts agree that 20 to 45 minutes is a good length. Podcasters may post weekly, but some podcasters do it daily. If you have the time and desire to create a show that is valuable for your listeners, you can post every other week. How will you organize the show? Is it you who will be speaking alone or will there be a co-host, guest interviewer or other host? You might have different segments, like a tip of the week or a Q&A.