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High stakes meeting or maybe personal time well spent in Miami? Drive in style & comfort with Twelve Transfers


There’s something special about time well spent in Miami. You get to experience what Miami has to offer, cherry pick your top vetted destinations, prioritise your high stakes meeting and guard your time like mad.

For those that value time, privacy and convenience the private car transfers are the standard. First class card, zero queues for tickets, zero crowds, top privacy and better time management is something Twelve Transfers offers as standard. Executives or frequent travellers with tight schedules or long drives can confidently have Twelve Transfers cover the hassle.

You will get to the destination in time, more relaxed focused on your ideal outcome with all the operational and logistics details handled by us, the transfer company. Extremely customized transfer routes and tailored demands are a given.

  • Excellent company reputation? Checked.
  • First class & business cars? Checked.
  • Tolls included? Checked.
  • Flight tracking? Checked.
  • Professional drivers? Checked.
  • Complex routing requests accepted? Checked.
  • Meet & greet included? Checked.
  • Free 60mins waiting time included? Checked.
  • Direct contact with company account manager & also with the selected driver? Checked.
  • No CC fees? Checked.
  • Detailed invoice & corporate account priority? Checked.
  • Door to door for complete peace of mind? Checked.
  • Pre booked transfers with free cancellations? Checked.

There are multiple benefits when booking online with Twelve Transfers. Besides the regular transfers we constantly receive some of the most daring and complex transfers you could have imagined. From the interior refreshments, roses and champagne to the most complex routes with lots of intermediate stops for shopping, sightseeing and relaxation we’ve seen them all. All those near extreme customizations allowed us to push the limits we thought we have even further and developed the account managers near perfection.

From high stakes meeting transfers, to even high stakes interviews during the transfer, mixed with complex routes given the amount of stops and driving regulations in the most busy streets, all this for both corporate and personal clients made Twelve Transfers fully aware of the vast options customers might have when it comes to private car transfers. Looking to get more than just a transfer? Let Twelve Transfers handle it all for you.