Here are some tips for creating great corporate videos

How to Create Great Corporate Videos. The term “corporate videos” is not often used to attract potential clients and partners. This is changing as both big and small companies are changing their approach to corporate videos. Companies are increasingly looking for ways to engage and entertain their audiences, rather than just selling them products or promoting the company. Companies are becoming storytellers in today’s world of two-way communication between brands, consumers and companies. Video is a powerful storytelling tool. BLARE Media uses online portals to collect your feedback on video. We also factor in revisions into the process to ensure there are no hidden costs. BLARE media almost always comes in under budget. However, BLARE Media is available to help if you decide to increase the scope of your project. BLARE Media will provide the best services Corporate Video Production or Corporate Video to every client.

Video is often too costly and intimidating for many. Many medium-sized businesses don’t have the budget to invest millions in their advertising or marketing videos. Any business can make engaging corporate videos that engage customers and prospects. All it takes is the right content, a few tools and a small budget. We have compiled a list with tips to help you create compelling corporate videos.

Find stories that are focused on a specific purpose.

Corporate videos are not all created equal and should be different. Some videos are created to attract new customers while others are intended to recruit new employees. While some videos are designed to promote or sell a product, others aim to increase brand awareness for your company. Consider what your company offers and how you can make it available in video. Customer testimonials are a great way for customers to see the value in your products or company. Employer testimonials are a great way to attract new employees. Prospective customers can learn more about a product to make informed buying decisions.


Although the art of filmmaking might be difficult for you, small business owners will likely understand the logistics. You’re familiar with the basics of producing if you’ve ever been responsible for ensuring that something is done. A well-thought-out plan is the key to getting things done. This is something that all good business leaders understand. Don’t rush to create your video. After you have decided on the purpose of the video, think about who in your company should be involved. What external resources are required? What budget is required? Timeline? These are some of the first questions to ask. However, having a plan is about planning what you want to accomplish for your video. It also includes how it will be done, who will do it and when. Do not try to do everything yourself. Video is a collaborative medium that requires a team. Find people within your company who are interested and hire professionals.

Find stories that connect, engage, and entertain your audience

It is important to recognize that not all stories will be equally supportive of your video’s goals. Some stories have more emotional appeal than others, while some are more entertaining and some are more action-packed. Videos are time-consuming and expensive. There is no reason for you to waste your money on a poor video. When planning your video, think about the stories that you want to tell and what ones you are most proud of. A testimonial from clients in exciting or interesting industries is better than one from a more traditional industry. Are you looking to hire? Employers who can speak confidently and are big company advocates will perform better than those who prefer to work quietly.

Production value is important, even though it doesn’t have to be Hollywood-level.

Your company video should not look like a high-end Nike commercial or blockbuster action movie. However, it shouldn’t look like it was shot on an iPhone. Corporate videos should be treated as any other marketing initiative or marketing strategy. Hiring professionals is the best way to ensure a high production standard. There are likely to be more than one video producer in your area, depending on your budget. Ask your friends for recommendations. Search online to find their websites, review their work, and find someone you like. Then, start a conversation about your budget and ideas.

Send your video to the world

Once you have finished your video, you are ready to share it. Now you must launch it properly. Many filmmakers will tell you that a movie is not complete until it has been seen by an audience. Your videos should be the same. Don’t get so caught up in post-production and production that you neglect marketing and distribution. YouTube is a great place for your video to be hosted. YouTube is not only the most popular site for hosting videos, but it is also the second most searched engine after Google. Its results are prominent in Google searches. Promotion is more important than hosting. You can spread your videos via Facebook, Twitter and your company blog. You should not spam people with too many videos, but a few video clips every now and again will be appreciated by many.