Motivate Employees

  1. Trust

Employees love it when they know you trust them to work on their own. You shouldn’t second guess their ideas or they will begin to lack confidence in what they do, which is going to affect their work.

  1. Individual recognition

Individually praise employees for their achievements and let them know you value their work. It is better to write a personal note because it is more meaningful than text or email.

  1. There is a place and time in the workplace

Work shouldn’t feel like a chore. Make sure your employees are enjoying their job at the workplace. You can introduce fun competitions during/between shifts about knowledge of the ingredients or menu. Giving them a free beer at the end of the day can sometimes be enough motivation. 

  1. Communication

Have regular meetings with your staff to keep them up to date on what is going on. They are going to feel secure in their job. The meetings should be more casual, like ordering lunch from a catering company then discussing any issues with them.

  1. Training

You should never stop training your employees, even during times when budgets are tight. Employees like it when they feel like they are learning and improving because it makes them feel valued. Identify training needs with TrackTime24. 

  1. Listening and using their ideas

You need to listen to your team and use their ideas from time to time – even if they are small ideas. It is going to encourage them to take ownership and look for ways of improving the business. 

  1. Team building activities

You should have days set aside for team-building activities. Such activities are great for introducing new employees and the team getting to know each other better. There are many activities and games your team is going to play.

  1. Advocating for your team

Customer is king, but it is important to support and trust your staff where possible. They are going to be happy knowing they are supported by the company and will promote a healthy working environment.

  1. Positivity

Try to have a positive attitude and good energy every day you come to work because it sets the tone. When you are in a good mood, your employees are going to see it and are going to feed off the energy. This makes them more productive. A positive attitude at work is important.

  1. Enforcing an open-door policy

Try to be transparent and open to feedback from your employees. Give constructive feedback suggest SNC. There are different methods you can use.