How to Get EMSculpture

EMSculpt body contouring is becoming more popular. You may be wondering if this new treatment can help you reach your fitness and health goals. EMSculpt can help you lose weight, target stubborn muscles, and kickstart a new exercise routine. This article will explain how EMSculpt works and the different treatments. We also discuss what to expect from EMSculpt.

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What is EMSculpt?
EMSculpt, an FDA-approved device, helps patients lose fat and build muscle. The EMSCulpt machine uses High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic(HIFEM(r),) technology to induce deep muscle contractions known as “supramaximal” without affecting skin. A 30-minute treatment session can cause the muscles of the targeted area of the body to contract approximately 20,000 times. This is far more than the human body is capable.

Currently, EMSculpt is available to treat these areas of the body.


What kind of commitment is EMSculpt?
A typical EMSculpt treatment plan consists of four sessions spread over two weeks. Individual treatments are typically performed 2 to 3 days apart. Each EMSculpt treatment session takes approximately 30 minutes. Patients can expect to spend 120 minutes in the office, broken down over four days. Patients can make appointments at any time during the day including lunch breaks, and then return to their usual activities.

Is there any downtime or side effects associated with EMSculpt treatment?
EMSculpt is a non-invasive treatment that has very few side effects. Most people experience muscle soreness as a side effect. This is similar to what one might feel after intense exercise. The third phase of EMSculpt treatment, however, is intended to reduce the soreness by flushing lactic acid from the body. There is no downtime after receiving EMSculpt. However, if you experience muscle soreness after treatment, it may be best to not exercise for at least several hours.

Is EMSculpt permanent?
Although EMSculpt isn’t permanent, there are some things you can do that will maximize your results. Patients often see improvements within 6 months of their first EMSculpt treatment. EMSculpt can be used to start a routine of exercise or establish a foundation for your regular workouts. Regular exercise of the targeted muscle groups by EMSculpt treatments is a great way to achieve the best results. Based on your specific health and fitness goals, follow-up sessions or maintenance sessions may be scheduled.