How Does a FCU Aircon Work

The fan unit or FCU is an independent air conditioning system that distributes airflow in a small space, but sometimes it can also form a complete HVAC system. Please visit our Mastercool Aircon Servicing Singapore for more information.

It is used in a variety of configurations, the most common being stacked and used for various configurations installed on the floor and ceiling.

So how does it work?

The FCU is used as a fan to collect and distribute the air in the chamber, and then blow it into the device through a cooling or heating coil. This process causes the air exhausted from the equipment to be colder or hotter than before.

Don’t be fooled by this seemingly complicated program-the FCU is a simple machine consisting of only a cooling or heating coil and a fan. Compared with air handling unit (AHU), FCU is less complex and extensive.

In short, this is an aircon system that can operate independently and distribute air without ducts.

Where is the universal fan coil unit used?

Fan units are usually located in different buildings and small private spaces. Some of these buildings usually include small and medium-sized offices and private casino rooms.

These units are usually operated by local thermostats or sometimes by the building management system itself. In some high-rise buildings, wind turbine units are usually placed and arranged vertically. This arrangement results in the units being located above another on a different floor, and all connected by the same pipe loop.

In addition to these buildings, some shopping malls with smaller space also prefer to use fans for cooling. Since the purchase and installation cost of FCU is much cheaper than air handling unit, this space is usually attractive, can achieve higher cost performance and improve its area.

Advantages and advantages of fan coil

  1. Compared with other central air-conditioning systems, their acquisition and installation costs are lower

Since they usually use small and medium-sized spaces, fan units are relatively inexpensive compared to air handling unit systems and larger central air conditioning systems. In addition, due to their size, they are also easier to install, resulting in more affordable installation costs than other systems.

  1. They provide individual room temperature control

Another advantage of this system is that you can set the temperature more flexibly by adjusting the spatial level of the space.

  1. They are energy efficient

Through proper maintenance and operation, the FCU air conditioning system can produce a lot of energy efficiency, which can save energy and energy consumption.

Choose the right air conditioner for you

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