Conversion Funnel Tip

What is the Conversion Funnel, and how does it work?

The conversion funnel optimization consists of all steps taken by a visitor to reach a site via an advertisement or organic search. It can also include a sale.

The funnel metaphor shows the gradual decline in visitors who visit your site from one point to another.

The lower the funnel, the more visitors it receives. And, not all journeys lead to conversions. Although you may have seen numerous examples of the funnel, remember that there are nearly as many funnels than there are businesses.

Conversion funnel, top funnel, top funnel… If your business is digital you will probably hear the term “funnel” several times per day.

You’d be wrong if you thought it was possible to ignore. The conversion funnel is your friend, whether you sell products or services on your website or you use email marketing to reach your target audience.

It’s possible that you have several conversion funnels on your website.

All prospects and customers may not be at the same maturity level and may take very different paths to conversion.

Inspire visitors

Answer any questions your visitors may have to build awareness about your brand and product. Your landing page should clearly communicate the benefits of your products or services. Be educational.

Transform visitors into prospects

The trust stage is the most important. The second stage should be simple but complex. You want to get the contact information of your visitors in order to keep in touch with them or personalize their experience.

Be sure to convey your message clearly

It may seem simple, but it is essential. Your offering is the foundation of your conversion funnel(s). Amazon, for example, rewards its loyal customers with fast shipping or extended catalogs.

Defining your goals

It will be difficult to map out the route from beginning to end without a clear goal. This includes the entry point and the follow-up. To optimize the stages that lead to the final goal, it is crucial to determine the primary purpose of the conversion funnel.

People are great, but mindsets are better.

We strongly recommend that you read our report about the Mindset methodology if you are not familiar with it.

The Mindset methodology is a way to get to know your prospects at every stage of the funnel. It goes beyond traditional personas.

Reassurance elements should be included

You are in a saturated market, and your prices and offer are very similar to your competitors… Reassurance elements can make all the difference when it comes time to making a decision.

Find entry points

We’ve mentioned that objectives and targets are important factors in content creation. However, it is also important to create your strategy around the different channels that bring people to your site.