Branding and Marketing Jobs

Job Description

Branding and marketing jobs have never been in more demand than they are right now. If you want to learn more about the exciting job opportunities that await you in brand marketing, you have come to the right place.

Branding and marketing jobs promote a business’s branding strategies and activities. If you think of every type of major company, especially restaurant chains and popular consumer products, you immediately associate it with a logo, a concept, brand identity, and brand awareness of the company or its products.

For instance, everyone can identify Coca-Cola products or Domino’s pizza by their signature branding, even if they don’t consume the products. That’s because both companies have had brilliant branding campaigns for years. If you drive around your city long enough, you’re likely to see one of Domino’s pizza delivery drivers in a car with a magnetic vehicle logo sign on top, crowned with a red, white, and blue one-dot and two-dot domino.

Marketing and branding professionals develop, plan, and execute strategies involving marketing designs to help create a brand presence. They research the product, develop the product’s position in its market, analyze the product’s competition, and identify the product’s consumers.

In addition, brand and marketing experts train sales professionals on selling the brand and launch advertising campaigns to further increase brand identity. Some top branding and marketing job examples are a market research analyst, graphic designer, and product marketing manager. You will likely need to relocate to a major metropolitan city for a career in brand marketing.

Branding and Marketing Jobs Salaries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a market research analyst earns an average income of $31.64 an hour, or $65,810 per year.

If you love to draw and create visual brand concepts, a graphic designing career might be more your speed. Graphic designers earn a median income of $53,380 a year, or $25.66 an hour.

Marketing managers can potentially make much more. The BLS shows the average salary for a marketing manager at $141,490 per year.

For Instances

  • Domino’s fast-action pizza chain is searching for a marketing design consultant at its Michigan, Illinois, and Colorado locations.
  • &Pizza has available branding and marketing jobs at its main offices in Virginia. Get the chance to work with a growing brand, with a bit of attitude.
  • Panera Bread has marketing jobs available in its corporate offices in Missouri and Maine.

Training and Requirements

Most marketing and branding career employers will favor a candidate with a business administration degree or a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. You will also need to have great interpersonal communication skills, understand consumer behavior, and have insights into what drives them towards a brand or product. Leadership skills are also a must for management positions and the ability to think strategically. Depending on the individual job you choose in branding or marketing, there may be other crucial skills to succeed on the job.