B2B IT Sales Jobs

Job Description

If you enjoy building rapport and relationships with others and have a knack for being technologically savvy, a career in B2B IT sales might be just the job for you.

B2B IT sales careers continue to grow at a lightning-fast pace. IT sales jobs involve selling the proper computer hardware and software products to meet the needs of a business. As an IT salesperson, you may work for a company or as a consultant or contractor, and you will be part of a salesforce tasked with helping a company meet its sales quota.

If you work for a very large company, they will likely require you to have more technical knowledge than a smaller company would.

Either way, your duties as an IT salesperson would likely include:

  • Attending sales meetings.
  • Consulting with clients.
  • Determining their IT requirements.
  • Finding the right products that are suitable for their business.

You will also need to determine whether a hardware or software product will need to be adapted to meet the client’s needs better. You may have to serve as a technical expert and answer any IT-related questions clients have.

After advising the client, you will need to present all of your findings to your technical team, which may include an IT technician, software engineer, or others.

Typically, your job as an IT salesperson would end once you have sold any IT products or services to a client. The post-sales team or specialist would then take it from there. But, if you work for a smaller IT company, you could have an expanded role and might be tasked with installation, implementation, training, and support of the products sold.

Depending on the B2B IT company you work for, you might work in an office or from home. But, in many cases, you will also need to meet with clients in person at their place of business.

Once you have worked as an IT salesperson for a while, you might qualify for a position in management. You are also more likely to find work as an IT consultant or in the post-sales department once you have a few years of experience under your belt.

Some B2B sales jobs also involve roles that are a departure from traditional sales or are a single component of the sales process, such as lead generation, appointments, and others.

IT Sales Salaries

You may earn a commission or volume-based bonuses as an IT sales consultant. As of May 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly salary for a technical or IT salesperson was $86,650. In addition, depending on the company you work for, you may be given a car allowance or even a company vehicle, laptop, and mobile phone as part of your earning’s package.

For Instances

  • Konica Minolta has a variety of IT sales jobs available all around the United States. Jobs are available in a variety of seniorities and specialties.
  • MMC is looking for an IT sales solutions consultant for its Texas location.
  • Computer software company Oracle has several IT sales positions open on its website. Some are remote, while their other IT jobs are located all throughout the U.S.

Training and Requirements

The level of training required for an IT sales job will depend on the company you work for. However, relevant work experience or skills is likely to benefit you to be an effective IT salesperson. It companies and employers favor individuals witha degree or certification in computer programming, software engineering, computer science, business, or other related degrees..

Most companies will also favor candidates with prior sales experience and a high degree of technical knowledge. You will also need to be able to explain highly technical IT matters in a simple-to-understand manner for non-technical people. In addition, you will need to have an extensive knowledge base about the products and services you are selling.

IT is also a fast-moving target, with new trends and technological developments all the time. Therefore, you will need to stay apprised of changes in the industry. But, in many cases, you will also have training with the company you are hired on with.

In addition, you will need to have a persuasive personality and excel at selling, which requires initiative from you. You’ll also need excellent presentation and negotiating skills, as well as good time management skills. Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written, are also required as you meet clients and work with other sales team members.

Active listening skills are also vital to have so that you can understand your client’s pain points and understand their needs. From there, you’re better able to think creatively to tailor a solution for them.