There are many reasons to choose a career in shipping/receiving

A shipping/receiving career offers many opportunities

Shipping is vital to the survival of Canadian businesses and industries, as we have already mentioned. Goods and products won’t get very far without a shipping and receiving jobs function. There are many shipping/receiving jobs available.

There are many career options that you have to choose from. You could start as a shipping/receiving clerk and progress to become a manager.

Most warehouse managers start their careers on the floor as Pickers and Packers. They might then be promoted to higher-level positions, such as Receiver.

You have the freedom to choose from a variety of industries

A shipping/receiving career can be a great choice because so many industries depend on it. You can often transfer the skills that you have acquired to another industry if you work in an industry that is experiencing difficulties.

You can also look for new challenges as each industry has its own shipping or receiving requirements. A Canadian shipping company that ships parts for construction equipment may face different challenges than one who moves consumer orders from the warehouse.

There are many skills needed

People often overlook the skill requirements for shipping/receiving jobs. You don’t have to hold a degree or a diploma to be a successful professional, but you will need to demonstrate a variety of skills.

The best Shipping/Receiving Clerks are well-versed in logistics. They are also able to see the differences between invoices or packing slips with an incredible eye for detail.

You will need to be organized as you might have to move pallets or store boxes. Also, you may need to track paperwork for shipments. You can use your problem-solving and scheduling skills to solve problems and get shipments out the door on time.

You Can Get Started Right Now

Your training for a job as a shipping/receiving clerk will be largely done at work. You may wish to consider courses that will help you if you are interested in a management role.

Start your career in shipping/receiving right away! Liberty Staffing can help you find an entry-level position near you. This allows you to get started and learn the skills that will make you a successful professional.