Purdue Owl: Terms and Tips

Purdue Owl Key Terms

There may be other terms that you are familiar with, but these are the most common terms employers will use in the United States. Understanding these Purdue Owl terms and the expectations of American companies on resumes will help you and your potential employer get along.


Your resume is your personal summary Church Business Meeting of professional experience and qualifications. Your career goals, education, experience, achievements, honors, and special skills are all included in a resume. For entry-level positions, a resume should not exceed one page.

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  • Curriculum Vitae (CV or Vitae)

A Curriculum Vitae (also known as Vitae or Vita) is a list of all your professional achievements, publications, presentations, and honors. The Purdue Owl objective business organization statement is not included in the vitae. Formatting for the vitae also varies depending on the career. The curriculum vitae can be longer than the resume, usually two pages. These are usually required if you are applying for a faculty, research, clinical, or scientific job.

Scannable Resume Purdue Owl

A scannable resume can be defined as a resume that can easily be scanned and added to a database. This type of resume is increasingly popular as it reduces paperwork and lowers operating costs. A scannable resume format is different than a traditional one to allow for proper scanning. Although the content is similar, there are more nouns than verbs used to describe your achievements.

Cover letter (Job Application Letter).

A cover letter, also known as a Job Application Letter is a business letter that you send to potential employers to express your interest and qualifications for a job. The cover letter is attached to your resume and acts as an introduction. You can also use the cover letter to elaborate on points not covered in your resume.

You can find more information on cover letters in our handouts on cover letters and on academic cover letters.

International Students: Resume Tips

Here are some tips for creating resumes and looking for work in the United States.


Take into account the geographical location and the field. International companies with large international staff will be more open to working with international students than companies on the east or west coasts. Despite offering information about employment status, smaller companies in the Midwest may not be able to consider international students.

Don’t try to “translateā€ your education experiences for employers. List your experiences and add triad businesses the most recent. Employers will be impressed by your American university acceptance, such as Purdue Owl.